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Tiny balls of scales and joy!
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Amaterasu VS Orochi :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 2 0 A Drop Of Hope: Beginning :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 0
A Drop Of Hope, Chapter 9
A Drop Of Hope
Chapter 9: Rising up to the challenge
Twilight woke up in a dim room filled with roses and thorned vines, a few of which were restraining her from moving her hands and feet. She struggled a bit only to be greeted by sharp thorns digging into her. She winced and stopped struggling. Something moved in front of her. She started into the dimly lit entrance of the room and saw a slim, yellow figure staring directly at her. It moved in closer, allowing her to see what it was. "It's that ghost from earlier!" She thought. The ghost floated in front of her and stared. The ghost smirked and shook his head. "Such a shame. I really did think you wouldn't be taken down so easily." Twilight just glared at him, silently. The ghost laughed. "Well, since you're not going to speak, I might as well tell you who I am." He quickly cleared his throat. "My name is Tupukyo." Twilight didn't say a single word. She was trying to concentrate on breaking the bonds holding her. Tupukyo chuckled. "Yo
:iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 0
Okami derpin. :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 0 Manakite MYO - Lily :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 2 2 Random Kirby FC doodlez :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 0 Latias :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 1 2 Kirby Nendoroid :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 1 0
A Drop Of Hope, Chapter 8: Revealing Dangers
A Drop Of Hope
Chapter 8: Revealing Dangers
Twilight woke up, unable to stay awake for very long. She quickly fell back asleep, as she was much too tired. She was woken up hours later by Dusk, who was angrily shouting at her. "TWILIGHT!!!! WAKE UP!!!!" Twilight rolled over and groaned. "Go away..." Dusk grabbed Twilight's ears and tugged as hard as she could. Twilight yelled and kicked off the covers. Dusk let go and floated above her head. "You awake now?! I've been screaming at you for at least an hour!!" Twilight rubbed her ears and glared at Dusk. "I'm awake now!" She got up and fixed her ears and tail. "Why'd ya have to wake me up" Dusk pointed directly at the window. "Look." Twilight walked over to see what was outside.
"WHAT THE HELL?!" She couldn't believe what she was looking at. The whole forest was covered in thorned vines. The monsters they fought yesterday were roaming around the area as well. Twilight quickly rushed to the lower level of the base. She stood out on the ope
:iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 0
That face you make when you know u are a fail :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 3 0
A Drop Of Hope, Chapter 7
A Drop Of Hope
Chapter 7: Allies abound and dangers ahead
Twilight was the first to find the massive wreck. She noticed a humongous hole in the ground. Curious as she is, she stepped into the hole and got closer to the center, only to find that nothing was there. She tapped the ground with her toe a few times, checking to see if something didn't feel like the rest. She again found nothing.
"Why is there a massive hole in the ground and there's nothing wrong with it? It doesn't seem right." She called back to the rest of her team. Zerosus finally made it to the wreck and slid down to the bottom. "Who knows. Maybe someone threw a bomb and it went the wrong way. It's a pretty common possibility from all the other odds that could've happened." Twilight just looked at him confused. "Who could've thrown a bomb when there's NOBODY THAT LIVES IN THIS AREA?!"
Zerosus backed up a bit. "Jeez. Calm down. You don't know if someone came around here or not and accidentally threw a bomb in the wrong d
:iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 5
Dwagonling Adoptables #5: Crystalline Blossoms :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 3 8 Dwagonling Adoptables #4: Spring Chrysalis :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 3 0 Dwagonling Adoptables #3: Wintermoon :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 1 0 Dwagonling Adoptables #2 :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 0 5 (Almost unnoticed) thank you! :iconfiraknight:FiraKnight 1 0
All teh new deviantations.


Streaming Journal
TOPIC: Spriting a sprite sheet.
WARNINGS: None, other than I tend to repeat music and the chat can be out there---- but nothing too worrisome.
:iconephah:Ephah 2 8
Random DMC faces :icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 15 5 25 years :iconlittlecloudie:LittleCloudie 77 6 Get Oover it :iconmasked-gamer:Masked-Gamer 28 20 2k17 - Ruth/Ruthiji Reference :iconloli-reshi:Loli-Reshi 23 9 Whelp :iconkeebyz:KeebyZ 16 9 Aethex VS Ito :iconkeebyz:KeebyZ 25 4 .:Buy My Shit:. :iconpaperlillie:PaperLillie 98 29 Neo revamp in digital :iconbiometalneo:BioMetalNeo 14 19
Another update on my status
Far out. . . I haven't posted a journey entry in four months?! Time files too fast >.<
Might as well give another update on how things are going.
The past few months had been alright, had family birthdays to attend to, work as usual, I obtained the Nintendo Switch, receiving news that the house getting closer to being built, caught up with friends for movies etc, and of course, getting Episode 3 part 1 out! It was a lot that happened for the past four months however, after releasing Episode 3 part 1, I decided to take a small break from all my projects. I used that time to play on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Even though I finished the game awhile ago, for some reason, I just lost the drive to do anything productive.
So for the past week or two it has been a standstill with continuing my projects. I might have just exhausted myself but, I can't say because I am unpredictable at times. Some days are up while others are down.
Even though I haven't done much project wise, I som
:iconmasked-gamer:Masked-Gamer 3 7
Updates, updates, updates. Oh, and updates.
Mfw time flies so bloody fast when you're on a gap year. It's been forever and a century since I've last written a good journal explaining anything. Normally I only reserve these for more important matters, but for those who wanna catch up to speed with how I'm'll notice that I promised more artworks and animations this year, but that turned out to be a complete lie. I'll explain, hold onto your asses.

First thing's first:
it took me 19 years but I'm finally undergoing workplace training at my cousin's nail salon. It's the first proper 'job' I've had in three years, oml. So far, I've only done two days and already gotten my first paycheck, but I don't care about the money; if anything, I'm only here for the experience and have something to put on my blank-as-heck resume. I'm still kinda anxious and unsure about how everything works, but I'll give that time to work out and if things go well, I'll be able to nudge it in with my TAFE studies in 2018 onwards. Speaking E
:iconassassinknight-47:AssassinKnight-47 2 14
Getting that tagged
Tagged by :iconnikakitsukaru:
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13 Things about myself
1. I aspiring to be a concept artist.
2. I am a Uni graduate now X3.
3. I play Yugioh and Vanguard card games.
4. I am a Gemini.
5. I have beaten Breath of the Wild and waiting for a new game on the Switch I can play!
6. I like spellcaster characters the most usually, but also sciency magic the most.
7. I LOVE FullMetalAlchemist Brotherhood!
8. I am not a fan of spiders, this just creep me the F*** out.
9. I feel my deadly sin is either Sloth or Envy.
10. I feel that this tag is gonna take a while 0_0.
11. I like co-op in games and working with a team.
12. I createdthe first Neo persona before I ever joined da but at the time he was
:iconbiometalneo:BioMetalNeo 3 8
Axolgooeys~ Species Guide! :iconseabunneh:Seabunneh 63 42
I͘ n̕o҉w̕ ̴po͘s͡se͠s̛s ͞tḩe o̸n͟e ͘n͏a͏me̢d͝ S̵i҉l҉vi̷a ͏in mý ćo̶llectio͡n҉. ͘Gra͠n͢te͞d, shę ̕wąs t́h́e ͘m͜ost҉ ̡ann̕ơy҉i͢n̨g̛ one to͜ fucki͢ng͘ ̷fi͠gu҉re ̛o҉ut͠.͠ ̷T͢ha̡t ͡so ̢c͜àll̷e̸d “balan̡c͏e” ͏of͘ ͟t̵he͠ “líght̸”̢ an̢d ̨thįs “̴d͝ar͠kn͠es̕s̡” ̨i̕n h͠e̢r͟, hav́e bèen҉ ̡o҉f a ̵n͜u͟i͡şa͠n҉cę to ҉fin̷d ̶a͟ way to̷ ҉r͞ȩnde͘r ͏dóabl&
:iconephah:Ephah 5 0
Oover waited on the couch in Violet's literal tree house, rubbing a special oil over her scales. It was now well over a week since Frosty was taken. For safety reasons, the three girls decided to stay at Violet's house, due it being closer to the city and more convenient for the three to meet up. She worked on her ears, letting her earrings soak in some a special solution to sanitize and clean them.
Violet walked out, drying her hair before tossing the towel back into the bathroom, not even bothering to comb her hair. Oover made a face, finishing on her ears. “How the hell does your hair not tangle up into rat nests and knots is beyond me.”
“Tooooons of conditioner,” Violet replied, shrugging her shoulders. She was dressed in her pajamas, a light tank top with some flannel shorts.
Oover made a face, “Do you even own a brush?” She questioned.
Violet made a face, walking back into the bathroom as she pulled one out. “Yeah, barely use it, hahaha.&
:iconephah:Ephah 4 0
DMC Character Spectrum 3 :icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 15 7




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Hello there! My name is FiraKnight!

First of all, I'm a big gaming fan and I'm a budding artist. I'm a huge fan of Kirby and I'm even making my own series about it with some fan characters I made.

I only have one friend on here. Go check him out and give his art some praise. (He's not an amazing artist, but not all of us can draw amazing things.):

I'm also in these groups:
Foxfans Chest:

Go check out my art! I try to draw good looking stuff. (Sometimes it doesn't come out right tho.)

Hope u enjoy my page!


60 deviations
Amaterasu VS Orochi
This took longer than expected

So I made this picture quite a while ago and finally finished it today. I would've posted this sooner, but I wasn't feeling too well and had to take care of business.
28 deviations
Check it out!…
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